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NUTRINATICS Ineke Janse van Rensburg Dieetkundige / Dietician (  012 - 331 3029 Email: info@nutrinatics.co.za Address: 559 19th Ave  GPS co-ordinates -25.713737, 28.218886

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Will the medical aid pay for my consultation?

-    Most medical aids will pay for the consultation depending on the medical aid and plan you are on. There are so many different medical aids and different plans that it is better to find out prior the consultation because it remains the responsibility of the patient to pay any outstanding fees.

2.    What is the cost for consultations?

Enquire at office 0123313029 or email: info@nutrinatics

3.    What can I expect from my first consultation?

-    A proper analysis will be done with the Inbody 770 Analyzer.  This will give a print out on body water, mineral, muscle, fat, BMR Muscle and fat in different bodysegments etc.  

-    A diet history will be taken

-    If needed dietary education, motivation and proper substitutes will be suggested

-    A provisional meal plan for a day will be given.

4.    Do I need a doctor’s referral?

-     No it is not necessary but some medical aids won’t pay only for weight loss a medical reason should also be given but this is usually not a problem since many overweight people have other medical problems.

5.     How often should I visit the dietician?

After the first consultation it is advisable to come for the diet program after 2 weeks.

It is advisable to weigh every 1-2 weeks, but some people prefer to weigh once a month.

6. What services or tests will be done?

The following tests are available if needed: DNA tests, Blood tests, Nutrismart intolerance test